Getting the code

How to get and build the code ?

Prerequisites for building Azkarra:**

  • Git
  • Maven (we recommend version 3.5.3)
  • Java 11

Building Azkarra Streams

The code of Azkarra Streams is kept in GitHub. You can check it out like this:

$ git clone

The project uses Maven, you can build it like this:

$ cd azkarra-streams
$ mvn clean package -DskipTests

Building Azkarra Website

The source code for Azkarra website is kept in directory ./site of the project.

Azkarra uses the open-source static site generators Hugo. Hugo Extended must be installed locally to build the website. In addition, Azkarra website is based on theme Docsy.

To build and deploy the website locally, you can run the following commands:

$ git submodule update --remote
$ cd site 
$ git submodule sync && git submodule update --init --recursive
$ npm install
$ hugo server --watch --verbose --disableFastRender

The website is accessible at address : http://localhost:1313/azkarra-streams/

Last modified March 3, 2021: docs(site): update docs for 0.9.x (ca3e155b)