Maven modules

Information about the maven modules.

The Azkarra Sterams projects is organized around multiple maven modules:

  • azkarra-api : The Azkarra Streams core API. This project contains the main Java interfaces and annotations (e.g AzkarraContext, StreamsExecutionEnvironment, StreamsLifecicleInterceptor, etc).

  • azkarra-archetype : The archetype project for Azkarra Streams.

  • azkarra-commons : This project provides miscellaneous reusable codes for Kafka Streams applications (i.e DeserializationExceptionHandler, Serializer, Serdes, etc). Azkarra Commons does not depend on other modules and can therefore be used directly by any Kafka Streams project.

  • azkarra-examples : This project contains demo applications and code samples for Azkarra Streams API.

  • azkarra-json-serializers : This project provides general JSON serializers for Azkarra Streams API, using Jackson API.

  • azkarra-metrics : Azkarra Metrics. This project integrates Azkarra and Micrometer allowing metrics collection for Azkarra applications.

  • azkarra-runtime : Azkarra Runtime. This project implements Azkarra API.

  • azkarra-server : The Azkarra Streams embedded web server.

  • azkarra-streams : The main dependency for bootstrapping a new Azkarra Streams application. Azkarra Streams provides capabilities like component-scan, auto-configuration, etc.

  • azkarra-ui : The Azkarra Dashboard. This module contains all the source code for main user interface of Azkarra Streams.

  • azkarra-worker : The main distribution to install and deploy a single Azkarra Streams application as a standalone worker.

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