How to configure your application ?

This section describes how you can configure an Azkarra Application.

1 The Configurable interface

Azkarra allows any component registered into the AzkarraContext as well as the TopologyProvider to be configurable by implementing the interface io.streamthoughts.azkarra.api.config.Configurable :

public interface Configurable {
    void configure(final Conf configuration);

The configure method is automatically invoked after instantiating the TopologyProvider. The Conf instance passed as parameter contains the StreamsExecutionEnvironment configuration, in which the Topology has been registered, merged with the Conf provided through the Executed object.

2 The Conf interface

The Azkarra project provides some built-in Conf implementations which are used internally.

  • ArgsConf : A Conf implementation that can be created from an arguments array.
  • AzkarraConf : A Conf implementation which is based on the Lightbend Config library.
  • MapConf : A Conf implementation that can be created from a Map.
  • Property : A single key-value with configuration.

The Conf interface define methods : getConfAsMap and getConfAsProperties which be can used to easily creating a Consumer/Producer/KafkaStreams instance.