Release v0.9.0

Azkarra Streams v0.9.0 is now available!

Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the 0.9.0 release of Azkarra Streams.

New Features

  • 689a9e3 feat(ui): enhance Azkarra UI to display the raw string topology description (#126)
  • 3bdaadb feat(runtime): enhance MonitoringStreamsInterceptor to support pluggable reporters (#124)
  • 9d844f3 feat(all): add new tab for displaying state store offsets and lags in Azkarra UI (#123)
  • 1d9d3ad feat(runtime): add a default StateRestoreListener to provide custom KafkaStreams states (#121)
  • 20a7965 feat(api/runtime): add new interface KafkaStreamsContainerAware (#120)
  • 7fa4bce feat(all): fix and move AzkarraRocksDBConfigSetter to azkarra-commons module (#116)
  • d8980ef feat(ui/client): enhance UI and fix azkarra-client build
  • 3401c86 feat(api): allow more fine-tuning of RocksDB instances (#116)
  • c6c8d64 feat(streams): add StreamsConfigEntryLoader
  • eed9aa9 feat(client): add Java Client for Azkarra
  • 4f67fc6 feat(all): refactor and add new endpoints for topologies
  • acb82f5 feat(api): allow to configure maxBlockingTime on EventStream

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • f97bd55 fix(api): add missing method withBlockCacheSize to RocksDBConfig
  • ba57b14 refactor(api/runtime): set default environment name for LocalStreamsExecutionEnvironment
  • d63ad8e fix(commons): fix resources is not reallocated when stream is restarted
  • 0a71b8e fix(commons): fix NPE LoggingStateRestoreListener
  • 2064b6d fix(runtime): fix producer already closed MonitoringReporter
  • b390c62 fix(runtime): fix breaking change due to random container id
  • a5c5100 fix(api): remove deprecated class ConfBuilder
  • 4bce06e fix(ui): add a visited map to prevent duplicate node from showing up
  • 471c3d1 fix(server): enforce content-type to JSON for ExceptionMapper
  • 36f0bb0 fix(server): fix Kafka Streams metric values should be returned with content-type text/plain (#125)
  • c4b80c4 fix(ui): fix authentication modale does not show up
  • 4ea170b fix(streams): fix regression on server configuration
  • 74a4502 fix(api/runtime): fix IllegalStateException when providing KafkaStreamFactory (#119)
  • 456ece2 fix(metrics): fix missing @component on ConfigEntryLoader
  • a5c5100 fix(api): remove deprecated class ConfBuilder
  • 781a800 fix(ui/runtime): cleanup UI and fix local container


  • 0cc9862 deps(all): bump kafka streams version to 2.7.x #117
  • 78ce9f4 refactor(all): extract RestApiQueryCall
  • 21ffbc0 sub-taks(all): refactor StreamsExecutionEnvironment
  • 554c4ae sub-task(all): refator Azkarra API to support mutliple containers for a same application per environment
  • 61a2d14 refactor(api): refactor API to query state stores
  • 8259fe1 refactor(all): refactor StreamsExecutionEnvironment interface to support additional implementations
  • ae4b9be refactor(server): extract new interface InteractiveQueryService
  • 12e1d78 refactor(all): extract interface ComponentScanner