Release v0.8.0

Azkarra Streams v0.8.0 is now available!

Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the 0.8.0 release of Azkarra Streams.

New Features

  • *48c856e feat(runtime): add exclude topics to WaitForSourceTopicsInterceptor (#83)
  • 2922f0e feat(runtime): add timeout option to WaitForSourceTopicsInterceptor (#82)
  • c8af92c feat(runtime): update MonitoringStreamsInterceptor to report state offset lags (#103)
  • f7eae4e feat(runtime): add new KafkaBrokerReadyInterceptor (#51)
  • a0e7cbd feat(api/server): add support for HTTP Server-Sent Event (#100)
  • d19949f feat(server): allow to only return successfull records from IQ
  • d9a559d feat(api): add ConfValue annotation

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • a28ae57 refactor(api): add new params wait.for.topics.enable
  • d6feb38 refactor(runtime): remove AzkarraContextConfig class (#74)
  • d383da2 fix(server): load AzkarraRestExtension using external component classLoaders
  • e80a4e5 fix(api): exclude Kotlin packages during annotation scan (#107)
  • 754651d refactor(runtime): refactor AutoCreateTopicsInterceptor to use adminClient created from streams container
  • 456f6c5 fix(server): fix invalid JSON return from GenericRecordSerializer
  • c32ccdb fix(server): fix JSON encoding for avro record with logical-type
  • dcda57a refactor(api): clean and improve Annotation resolution


  • 2f49f83 build(all): bump dependencies versions
  • dcdfe2e refactor(streams): upgrade to Kafka Streams 2.6
  • 63af93a refactor(streams): normalize the method returning Topology
  • 04165df build(maven): add wrapper for Maven 3.6.3 (#64)
  • 05910a7 refactor(api): extract interface from KafkaStreamsContainer
  • 6d64b46 refactor(api/runtime): refactor creation of KafkaStreamsContainer
  • 401648c build(deps): bump log4j.version from 2.12.1 to 2.13.3
  • 7cd68ce refactor(streams): deprecate ConfBuilder in favor to Conf