Release v0.7.0

Azkarra Streams v0.7.0 is now available!

Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the 0.7.0 release of Azkarra Streams.

New Features

  • 6e9e199 feat(metrics): add built-in support for Micrometer framework #50
  • 2891108 feat(api): add the capability to eagerly initialize a component
  • d6c8eef feat(api): add support for conditional component.
  • 899ecc8 feat(api): add support for Secondary component qualifier
  • 1c6b7d4 feat(server): add support to register REST extensions #63
  • 76146ee feat(server): add support to register custom jackson modules for KV records #61
  • 22d1545 feat(runtime): add new built-in interceptor MonitoringStreamsInterceptor #52
  • d9a12aa feat(ui): add Kafka Streams consumers progression bar #58
  • 1b888e4 feat(ui): add new tabs to display consumer-lags #58
  • 6cc3da7 feat(api): add a default ConsumerInterceptor to track consumer consumed/committed offsets #58
  • 22f4fba feat(api): add new Primary annotation to qualify component
  • ac4d5c5 feat(runtime): allow to specify custom UncaughtExceptionHandler strategy #55

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • 6dbed7c refactor(metrics): make MeterRegistryConfigurer interface functional
  • beb0b65 refactor(runtime): add InvalidStreamsEnvironmentException when environment not found #60
  • f96426c fix(streams): fix some issues regarding components scan and creation
  • 02ebc36 fix(runtime): fix bad delegating methods
  • b7ddf29 fix(runtime): prevent topology to start twice when auto.start is enable #59
  • 26e589a fix(server): health status must return DOWN when streams instance stop on failure #54


  • eb9d558 add support for Kafka Streams v2.5.0
  • ab47b99 refactor(server): externalize jackson serializers into dedicated module